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A busy offseason awaits for the San Francisco Giants, and one decision that will need to be made is whether to trade anyone on the current roster.
As team president Farhan Zaidi continues to rebuild the San Francisco Giants roster for future success, there are a number of players that may find themselves on the trade block this offseason.

Gabe Kapler’s unemployment may not last long.

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The former Phillies manager, according to a report by MLB Network’s Jon Heyman, will interview with the San Francisco Giants for their manager’s vacancy.

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The Giants are run by president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi. He was the Dodgers’ general manager when Kapler was their farm director. Zaidi is one of baseball’s most forward-thinking executives and has long been a fan of Kapler. A reunion could be in the cards.

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If hired, Kapler would replace Bruce Bochy. He retired at the end of the season after managing the Giants for 13 seasons and winning three World Series titles. Mark Kotsay, Oakland’s bench coach, interviewed for the job this past week.

After the Giants season ended, Zaidi said the No. 1 quality he was seeking in a manager is “relationship building.” When Kapler was hired by the Phillies, he said the first thing he planned to do was “build connections and relationships” with the players.

“It’s environment building,” Kapler said in December 2017. “We want to create an environment that encourages our players to grow. The analogy that I’ve used and will continue to use is the coaching staff, the front office, all of the various departments around a baseball organization are the soil, and our players are the plants and the trees that are going to grow in that soil. So that soil has to be extremely nutrient-dense. So as I think about managing a ball club, I think about being really nutrient-dense soil.”

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The San Francisco Giants will be looking to name a new general manager this offseason and Oakland Athletics assistant general manager Billy Owens has been named a “clear favorite” for the position.
The San Francisco Giants will be in search of a new manager this offseason following the retirement of the legendary Bruce Bochy. But manager isn’t the only major position that the team will need to fill.

After passing on hiring a general manager last offseason, the Giants have insisted that they will be interviewing candidates this fall to become the new general manager of the organization.

However, the position has a different feel to it than it has in recent years.

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For years, the general manager was the top executive in the organization and that individual was the primary overseer of baseball operations. That man for 18 years was Brian Sabean who was the guy in San Francisco during the team’s three World Series titles in the 2010s.

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But last fall, CEO Larry Baer made the decision to hire former Los Angeles Dodgers general manager Farhan Zaidi to be the team’s new president of baseball operations.

Many were left confused by this title and even more confusion arose when the team didn’t hire a general manager for the 2019 season. But it’s pretty clear now that Zaidi is essentially the GM of the team — just with a different title.

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This is why the announcement that the team would hire an actual general manager this season was met with additional confusion. At the moment, the favorite for the position appears to be current Oakland Athletics assistant general manager Billy Owens.

Both NBC Sports and Mercury News have listed Owens as the top candidate for the job and have labeled him the “clear favorite.” This makes sense given Owens’ history with Zaidi dating back to their time in Oakland together.

What’s even more encouraging is the near-leaguewide praise that executives have had for Owens. The San Jose native has been lauded for his player development skills and played a crucial role in piecing together the current A’s roster.

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The only challenge seems to be luring him away from a franchise that seems to be on the brink of getting over the figurative hump to make a World Series push.

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But now that the Giants are expected to hire a general manager once again, what exactly could his role entail?

Zaidi will still remain the top guy with the Giants, but this new general manager will essentially fulfill a role as Zaidi’s top assistant of sorts. The Giants have insisted that they aren’t looking for someone to shoulder the brunt of the responsibility.

Instead, expect this individual to have some sort of specialty background, perhaps in the field of scouting. In Owens’ case, it does seem to be more in the realm of personnel and player development.

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Zaidi had the following to say about the hiring process.

“I think by not defining it specifically, it opens up the candidate pool. Whether that’s somebody that has experience and expertise in scouting or player development, administration, whatever their strengths are, hopefully, we can complement each other and work well.”

Consider this position similar to an assistant general manager role in a typical power structure with Zaidi serving as the team’s de-facto general manager.

Either way, expect Owens or whoever the Giants decide to hire to have a pretty substantial say in the organization’s decisions.

While the attention may be on Bochy’s replacement, San Francisco’s new general manager will likely have as big, if not more of an impact on the future of the team.

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And San Francisco Giants fans should keep a very close eye on Billy Owens over the coming weeks.

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Phillies General Manager Matt Klentak (left) and Kapler at a press conference in August.
Phillies General Manager Matt Klentak (left) and Kapler at a press conference in August.
The Phillies fired Kapler after he posted a 161-163 record over two seasons and failed to reach the postseason in either one. Kapler never seemed to win over the Philadelphia fans, either, and general manager Matt Klentak said Friday that Kapler had a hard time gaining acceptance in Philly.

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But the fans were not the only ones who failed to climb aboard with Kapler. Owner John Middleton considered firing Kapler in July and spent the final months of the season determining the manager’s fate.

Perhaps San Francisco will be a better fit for the California native.

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“I don’t think this is a secret to any of you in this room or anybody watching on TV at home, but I’m a big fan. I think he’s really good at what he does,” Klentak said of Kapler. “Very talented, very hardworking, a good communicator, all the things you’ve heard me say before. And I am very thankful to Kap for what we provided this franchise for the last two years.

“I think, when you look at a lot of the ways we developed culturally, a lot of the growth that we have had both at the major-league level and under the hood that people may not see, I don’t think we make those strides if Kap is not our manager, and I know there are a lot of people in this building that feel the same way I do, a lot of people on our staff, a lot of people in our clubhouse that feel that way too.”

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He already showed the fan base that he is not afraid to let go of beloved players when he released Joe Panik in the midst of a tough season. He could be willing to do the same with other players on the current roster.

With an aging core, chances are that he will look to acquire a younger crop of players that can develop alongside guys like Mauricio Dubon, Mike Yastrzemski, and eventually top prospects like Joey Bart and Heliot Ramos.

Historically, it has been difficult for the Giants to attract top free-agent talent, due in part to a higher state tax. As a result, trades are usually the best way for them to bring in new talent.

This was evidenced a few years ago when the team acquired Andrew McCutchen and Evan Longoria via trade. That said, Zaidi is different from Bobby Evans, so odds are he won’t pursue ex-stars who are on the decline in their careers.

Who Zaidi trades for is for a different article. The following slides will examine who Zaidi is most likely to be shipping out this winter.

When Brian Sabean was running the show, the Giants were not afraid to give up prospects and younger players in exchange for veterans, but something tells me the inverse could now be true.

Ahead we have highlighted three players who could be on the move this offseason.

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